VIDEO – La Mantequilla a un amigo que trabaja en la DGI le dice “Que haces ahí sentado de empleado”

The Dominican social media personality, Wilkin García, also known as “La Mantequilla”, recently made headlines after a video of him at the headquarters of the General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) was posted online. The clip showed García confidently addressing an employee, who happened to be his friend, in a light-hearted yet pointed manner.

García visited the DGII on a Thursday, in response to a summons by the institution for investigative reasons. Contrary to the seriousness of the situation, García maintained a relaxed demeanor throughout his visit, exuding confidence that was evident to onlookers and captured in the widely shared video.

During his visit, García, known for his no-nonsense approach, addressed his friend at the DGII with the phrase, “What are you doing sitting there as an employee?” This casual yet provocative comment showcases García’s characteristically playful yet confrontational style, which has made him a sensation on social media.

The DGII, in their statement, explained that García’s summons is part of a broader intelligence project aimed at regulating and eliminating distortions in the investment attraction sector, specifically concerning movable and immovable property and their parallels. This project underscores the DGII’s commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent financial and investment environment in the Dominican Republic.

Wilkin García, fondly called “La Mantequilla” or “The Butter”, has amassed considerable popularity on social media platforms for his candid and entertaining content. Despite the DGII’s ongoing investigation, García seems undeterred, continuing to engage with his followers and maintaining his characteristic confidence.

However, the incident raises questions about the nature of García’s relationship with the DGII and the wider implications for his friend, who was publicly called out in the video. As García’s presence in the public eye continues to grow, it remains to be seen how this investigation will affect his social media persona and the subsequent repercussions for his personal and professional relationships.

Critics and supporters alike are watching the unfolding situation closely, with many speculating about the potential outcomes. While some view García’s DGII visit and the associated video as another one of his unconventional publicity stunts, others see it as a serious legal matter that may have long-lasting implications.

Regardless of the speculation, the video stands as a testament to García’s approach to his public image: confident, unapologetic, and ever ready to turn any situation into an opportunity for engagement. This incident has undoubtedly added a new dimension to his persona, further piquing public interest in his life and actions.

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