VIDEO – Lo que revela una joven que estaba en la guagua de turista que choco en PUNTA CANA

In an unfortunate incident on October 7, 2022, a tour bus carrying passengers crashed in the Bávaro area of Punta Cana, resulting in multiple injuries and two fatalities. Among the survivors was a young Chilean woman who spoke to Meganoticias, a news channel from her home country, and revealed startling details about the accident.

The young woman, who was a passenger on the bus transporting tourists in the Dominican Republic, narrated the events leading to the crash. Contrary to reports suggesting the accident occurred while the bus driver was trying to avoid another vehicle, she insisted that the driver was simply driving at an extremely high speed. "The bus driver was driving at a very high speed and when he turned a curve, the bus overturned," she recounted.

Challenging the existing narratives surrounding the accident, she emphasized the role of reckless driving in the incident. She expressed shock and distress over the driver's irresponsibility, pointing out that such negligence could have been easily avoided, preventing the tragedy.

Beyond being just an eyewitness, the young woman played a critical role in the aftermath of the crash. As a trained nurse, she stepped in to provide immediate first aid to the injured passengers until the emergency services arrived. "I was the one who called 911 and since I am a nurse, I tried to provide first aid to the passengers on the bus until the 911 services arrived," she said.

The young woman's account paints a heartbreaking picture of the accident, showing the importance of responsible driving, particularly in the transport sector where the safety of multiple lives is at stake. Her story also underscores the invaluable role of immediate first aid in managing casualties during emergencies, highlighting her bravery and presence of mind amidst the chaotic scene.

The accident has raised serious questions about the safety protocols adhered to by transport services in the region, particularly those catering to tourists. Such incidents not only put human lives at risk but also damage the reputation of tourist destinations, casting a shadow over their hospitality sector.

Investigations are underway to confirm the cause of the crash and to ascertain whether there were any lapses in safety norms that contributed to the tragedy. The bereaved families and survivors are awaiting answers, hoping for justice and measures that ensure such incidents do not repeat in the future.

As the news spreads, the incident serves as a grave reminder to all, of the importance of road safety and the dire consequences of reckless driving. It calls for a collective commitment to stricter adherence to safety protocols and responsible behavior on the road, to prevent such accidents and safeguard lives.

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